Petro Points Fuel Savings Promo

From February 2014 to May 12, 2014, Petro Canada is offering reloading cards for just 5500 points! This is an amazing deal because the regular cost is 11,000 points (12,000 to reload in store).

Petro Points Promo 5500

How to get the points:
1. Go to a Petro-Canada gas bar and ask for a Fuel Savings Plus card (with words reloadable). Make sure it is the PLUS card otherwise you will have problems reloading. Do NOT reload at the store because it will cost 6,000 points instead of 5,500 points per 200L. Ask to reload at home, online.
Fuel Savings Plus Reloadable
2. Go online and link your Petro Points Account with this card
3. Go to Petro Points and click on Promo to reload; enter your Fuel Savings Plus card number and 3 digit pin. Then choose your redemption values. They all give the same rate of return.
Fuel Savings Redemption Values

How much are the points worth?
Well, from this promo, 550 points = $1. So one point is worth, 0.18 cents.
That doesn’t sound like much but assuming you fill up at least 150L every month, using this reward bumps up your rate of return to 1.4%, not counting credit cards!

Type of Redemption Points Earned Promo Return (550 pts/$) Regular Return(1100 pts/$)
Convenience or Store Items 20 points per $1 3.64% 1.67%
Car Wash 20 points per $1 3.64% 1.67%
SuperClean, Ultra 94 or Diesel Fuel 15 points per litre (11.5 points per $) 2.10% 0.96%
PlusClean Fuel 12 points per litre (9.2 points per $) 1.68% 0.77%
RegularClean Fuel 10 points per litre (7.6 points per $) 1.40% 0.64%
RegularClean Fuel Under 150L/month 5 points per litre (3.8 points per $) 0.70% 0.32%

Conclusion: If there is ever a time to use your saved up Petro points, now is the time. Halfing the redemption cost boost the rate of return twice as much to an effective rate of 1.4%.

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