Using Norbert’s Gambit for Currency Exchange with TD Waterhouse

Currency Exchange

It's that time of the year again, Christmas vacation, snowbirds flocking down south. Many of us will be needing US dollars to spend south of the border. You go to the bank and get quoted a rate of 1.19 when the spot rate is around 1.16. That is almost a 3% premium! You begin to ...

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MIA Duty Free Shopping 2014

Duty Free Americas Shopping

On the way back from vacation, I stopped by MIA (Miami International Airport) and snapped some pictures of their duty free prices. Biggest Savings Percentage 3. Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey - 46.73% Duty Free Price: $29 USD LCBO 1L Equivalent Price: $62.60 CAD Savings Percent (CAD): 46.73% 2. Johnnie Walker Red Label - 48.16% Duty Free Price: $18 USD LCBO 1L Equivalent Price: ...

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DCA Duty Free Shopping 2014

Duty Free Americas Shopping

I stopped by the Ronald Reagan Airport (DCA) at Washington DC during the summer of 2014 and had some time to snap a couple of pictures of Duty Free Americas alcohol prices. I also have a chart of prices and savings compared against LCBO in Canada. Biggest Savings Percentage 2. Smirnoff Vodka - 55.13% Duty Free Price: $13.50 ...

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Best Buy Crazy Deal: $60 for 3 Luggages! (Deal Expired)

Best Buy Logo

Here is a crazy deal of the day: $60 for 3 19" Luggages! I don't know if Best Buy will actually fulfill the order or not but if they do, this is a crazy price! Regular price for a luggage set range anywhere from $60 to $120! For those who can't read the text in the picture: IT ...

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KFC’s Highest Protein Per Dollar Item

KFC Logo

Next up on my list is a Protein Per Dollar for all of Colonel Sander's menu food items. KFC is slightly more complicated simply because there are 4 types of chicken that you can get: Keel, Rib, Drumstick, Wing, or Thigh. Thus, there is an element of "randomness" because you could luck out and have ...

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Free Insurgency on Steam (First Come First Serve)

Insurgency Game

I have 3 keys to offer for a free copy of the game Insurgency! First come first serve! Here is the link below: Free Insurgency on Humble Bundle Free Insurgency On Humble Bundle Edit: Sorry but code has been taken!

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Best Use of Marriott Points (Category 1 Hotels)

Marriott Logo

What is the best bang for your buck of 7500 Marriott points? I have listed a few of most expensively priced hotels that your points can buy! Do note that many other hotels that I haven't listed do rival in prices! 3. TownePlace Suites Houston Northwest ($200 USD/night) Rate of Return on Points: 2.6% Average High: $199/night Average Low: ...

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LCBO Three Olives Vodka Sale

Three Olives Vodka

Today, I grabbed a bottle of Three Olives while passing by the local LCBO because it was such a great deal. At $16 for 750mL and 35% alcohol, I am getting 46 mL/$ total and 16.4 mL/$ of alcohol

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TD Waterhouse President’s Account Complete Guide

TD Waterhouse Logo

So far, I only had a vague idea of what this exclusive account is. You had to have over $500,000 in invest-able assets or generate over $5,000 in commissions. I heard of rumors that you get cool benefits such as exclusive events. It is pretty much the Centurion Card of TD Waterhouse. Today, while I was ...

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Walmart’s Cheapest Protein Per Dollar Grocery Products

Walmart Logo

If you are looking to stock up on high protein foods on a budget, you've entered the right place! I've compiled a comprehensive list which evaluates large number of high protein foods at various grocery stores. Our first up is Walmart. 11. Great Value Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast - 18.6 grams per dollar Chicken is obviously a great ...

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