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LCBO Dragonheart Liqueur Sale

LCBO Dragonheart Vodka Liqueur

LCBO has a Dragonheart Vodka Liqueur Sale! $13 for 750mL and the alcohol percentage is 40%!

Best Buy Crazy Deal: $60 for 3 Luggages! (Deal Expired)

Best Buy Logo

Here is a crazy deal of the day: $60 for 3 19″ Luggages! I don’t know if Best Buy will actually fulfill the order or not but if they do, this is a crazy price! Regular price for a luggage set range anywhere from $60 to $120! For those who can’t read the text in the picture: IT …

Free Insurgency on Steam (First Come First Serve)

Insurgency Game

I have 3 keys to offer for a free copy of the game Insurgency! First come first serve! Here is the link below: Free Insurgency on Humble Bundle Free Insurgency On Humble Bundle Edit: Sorry but code has been taken!

LCBO Three Olives Vodka Sale

Three Olives Vodka

Today, I grabbed a bottle of Three Olives while passing by the local LCBO because it was such a great deal. At $16 for 750mL and 35% alcohol, I am getting 46 mL/$ total and 16.4 mL/$ of alcohol

My First Stock Purchase

Johnson and Johnson Stock

My first stock purchase was actually recommended by my dad. If I can still remember faintly, at the time, I had just opened a brokerage with TD Waterhouse but knew nothing about investing. However, I was thinking about how all the baby boomers are retiring soon and will demand more medical care. So, I casually …

April 2014 Spending

April Monthly Spending

This is my April spending. If you are interested, please click the title to read the whole post.

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March 2014 Spending

March Monthly Spending
Category Spending
Shopping $347.25
Auto & Transport $311.80
Food & Dining $206.76

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The financial cost of smoking

Smoking Money

One of my good friend Chad came back town for the holidays after a tough semester of school abroad. At the dinner table, in between the laughter and chuckles, he suddenly got up and announced, “Guys, I’m heading out for a smoke break.” I was absolutely dumbfounded. Now, Chad was a guy who got straight …