April 2014 Spending

April Monthly Spending

Category Spending
Shopping $295.57
Health & Fitness $287.04
Auto & Transport $73.76
Travel $44.71
Business Services $12.33
Entertainment $11.39
Food & Dining $11.06
Total (Before Reimbursements) $735.86
Total (After Reimbursements) $580.03

Shopping: Let’s see, I spent over $100 on a bunch of shoes online that were on sale; 5 to be exact. I spent another $50 buying fleece pants/shorts in preparation for the summer. The rest were groceries for the month.

Health/Fitness: I registered for a marathon and spent $100 on SDM utilizing their optimum bonus. Thus, I would count this as “groceries” for this month. I also spent $35 on a promo massage and $100 worth of glasses, which will be covered by insurance.

Travel: I booked a hotel for $38 utilizing the travel pony promo.

I didn’t really eat out much because I am currently on a diet, hence the low spending in that category.

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