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LCBO Dragonheart Liqueur Sale

LCBO Dragonheart Vodka Liqueur

LCBO has a Dragonheart Vodka Liqueur Sale! $13 for 750mL and the alcohol percentage is 40%!

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DCA Duty Free Shopping 2014

Duty Free Americas Shopping

I stopped by the Ronald Reagan Airport (DCA) at Washington DC during the summer of 2014 and had some time to snap a couple of pictures of Duty Free Americas alcohol prices. I also have a chart of prices and savings compared against LCBO in Canada. Biggest Savings Percentage 2. Smirnoff Vodka - 55.13% Duty Free Price: $13.50 ...

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LCBO Three Olives Vodka Sale

Three Olives Vodka

Today, I grabbed a bottle of Three Olives while passing by the local LCBO because it was such a great deal. At $16 for 750mL and 35% alcohol, I am getting 46 mL/$ total and 16.4 mL/$ of alcohol

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LCBO Price Analysis


For those of you who aren't Canadian (or Ontarian to be exact), LCBO stands for Liquor Control Board of Ontario. It has de-facto monopoly on the retail prices of liquor in Ontario. The reason I am doing a price analysis is to compare it against duty free and see exactly which products offer the best ...

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