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It is much easier being a one percenter today than before

One Percenter

As a prelude, in no way do I hate the top 1% or even the top 0.1% in any way. As a matter of fact, I personally strive to become a 1%. In the old days... In the old days, a person's net worth is reflected publicly, for the most part. What I mean is that a ...

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The real reason why stocks are the best long term investment


When discussing investments such as stocks or equities, treasury bills and bonds, gold and other commodities, or even collectibles, people tend to lose sight of the forest from the trees. Why is that? Because really if you break it all down: When you invest in stocks or equities, you are investing in companies and businesses. ...

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How strong is your personal balance sheet?

Balance Sheet

Balance sheet analysis is the staple of fundamental analysis for a stock. A healthy balance sheet let's their owners know the stability of the company. However, what I rarely see are investors that analyze their personal balance sheet. I am going to draw out several sample balance sheets of people in various situations and run ...

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Why your youth is the best time to accumulate wealth


You are 23. You just graduated college and landed a great job paying $50,000 a year. After suffering for 4 or more years on student loan money or scholarship money, you finally have some spending power. You've already mapped out your plans to splurge the new dough: 70" TV, Iphone 6, Alaskan Cruise, Luxury Condo, ...

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What were the original DOW components?

Dow Jones Logo

Today, it is impossible to talk about the general economy of the United States without mentioning the DJIA. Every few years, companies are added and removed. Each year, new industries pop up. Old industries slowly fade away. Ever wonder what the original 'dirty dozen' were and where they are now? With some research, I've compiled ...

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