Shopper’s Drug Mart

Shopper's Drug Mart

This store is amazing for the frugal. It’s entire business involves jacking up regular product prices but keeping weekly ad prices very low. Their milk and egg prices are among the most competitive in the industry.

They are basically saying, “If you aren’t looking to shop around, then we will try to profit off of you. However, if you are willing to plan ahead and shop around, then come and profit off of us!”

So what is the secret ingredient to getting great deals at Shopper’s Drug Mart? One word: Optimum. Yep that’s their reward’s point system.

Points Required Reward Value
8,000 $10
22,000 $30
38,000 $60
50,000 $85
95,000 $170

Regularly, you get 10 points per dollar spent at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I know. It doesn’t look like much at all. But the fun begins in special 20 times the points events and super redemption days.

Bonus Points: Several times a year, there will be a 20x the points event when you spend over $50 or 18,500 points when you spend over $75.
What this means is that a $50 spending on 20x the points event will net you 10000 points.
If you can manage to spend exactly $75, then 18,500 points for $75 is the better deal. Here’s why, spending $75 on a 20x the points event will only net you 15,000 points.

Award Spending Bonus Points Gain per $
20x Points 50 10,500 210
18,500 Points 75 19250 257

Christmas Gift Card Bonus: During Christmas holidays, you get 8000 points for buying store gift cards. 8000 could potentially translate to $20 value if you redeem it during a Super Redemption Day and it can be “stacked” with the other bonuses as well. Buy a $150 Shopper’s Drug Mart Gift card, and slowly spend it throughout the year during bonus days.

Similarly, several times a year, there will be a super redemption day or get points back.
Super Redemption Day: Use 95,000 points and get $200 / $220 / $250 off (I’ve only seen the $250 off twice ever)

Points Req. Amount Off Points Cost per $
95,000 $200 475 points per $
95,000 $220 431 points per $
95,000 $250 380 points per $

Get Points Back: Use 95,000 points to get $170 off and get 30,000 points back or use 50,000 points to get $85 off and get 15,000 points back.

Point’s Req Amount Off Points Cost per $
50,000-15,000=35,000 $85 411 points per $
95,000-30,000=65,000 $170 382 points per $

So how much is a point worth?
“Savvy Buck! Forget the nonsense! Tell me how much I am saving by doing all this!” Well assuming you only shop during 20x the points events and only redeem during bonus redemption days, spending $75 will get you $121-123 worth of items at Shopper’s. That’s almost 40% off all items!

Max Value: If you can pull this off: Buy $300 in Shopper’s Gift cards for 16,000 points. Spend it on 18,500 bonus point event for 77,000 points. That gives 93,000 points, just 2000 short of 95,000. Redeem on Super Redemption Day for another $250 worth of items. And you’ve basically spent $300 to get $550 worth of items. That $4 milk? It costs $2.1 now. That $2 Freak Peans cookie? $1.09. Eggs on sale for $2? $1.09.

Conclusion: Because of the way the reward thresholds are set up, Shopper’s Drug Mart is really an all-or-nothing type of store. The minute you step into the store, it should be on a bonus spend day or bonus redemption day. As well, you should be spending either over $50 or nothing at all. Besides their weekly ad events, alot of their products are higher priced compared to competitors.

What should I buy to spend all that money? “Savvy Buck! Spending $170 or $220 on groceries is alot! I am out of ideas on what to buy!” Yes, I frequently get this problem as well. It does take a little planning ahead to make sure you get the best value for the dollar. Because Shopper’s Drug Mart is a pharmacy store and a beauty store, they offer a wide variety of items that you could use but do not absolutely need right away:
-Contact lens solutions
-Orthopedic shoes
-Makeup supplies
As always, be sure the price is a good value first.

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