Best Canadian Cellphone Plans for Dec 2013

Here is a list of cellphone plans and their respective costs for December 2013:

BMO Talk and Earn and Sears Connect:
They have a great promo going on where if you sign a 2 year contract, your first 6 months is half off and for the entire 2 years, your minutes and data are doubled. $15 x 6 + $30 x 18 = $630 for 2 years or $26.25/month
If you can sell the free cellphone for $100, then it’s $530 for 2 years or $22.08/month

All costs below are based on a 2 year contract with the promo and you selling the “free” phone for at least $100.

Plan $30 Smart Plan $40 Smart Plan $45 Smart Plan
Cost per mo. $22.08 $30.83 $35.21
Weekday Minutes 200 400 400
Evening & Weekends N/A Unlim. Canada Unlim. Canada
Free Incoming Calls N/A N/A Unlim. Canada
Data 200 MB 1 GB 1 GB
Text Unlim. Unlim. Unlim.
Name dis. & call dis. Yes Yes Yes

This is another decent cellphone plan provider, but only when you purchase during their promo. At certain times of the year, when you buy $100 voucher, they will give you additional 25% for a total of $125 worth.

All costs below are based on purchasing vouchers during 25% Promo:

Plan $20 Plan + 100 Data $20 Plan + 500 Data
Cost per mo. $24 $28
Anytime minutes 100 100
Data 100 MB 500 MB
Text Unlim. Unlim.
Name dis. & call dis. Yes Yes

All costs are based on bringing your own phone and getting $100/$250 in credits over the period of 20 months:

Plan $30 Plan $40 Plan $50 Plan
Cost per mo. $25.00 $27.5 $30.00
Talk Unlim. Province Unlim. Canada Unlim. Canada/US
Wind 2 Wind Talk Unlim. Canada Unlim. Canada Unlim. Canada
Data Unlim. Unlim. Unlim.
Text Unlim. Canada Unlim. Global Unlim. Global
Name dis. & call dis. Yes Yes Yes

*However, do note that Wind coverage is limited compared to the other plans.

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