Scotiabank Scene Visa Analysis

Scotiabank Scene Visa

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a pretty big movie junkie and enjoy going to my local Cineplex a several times a month. I usually go during summer times for blockbuster hits. Thus, I’ve been wondering if the Scene Visa worth getting for someone like me.
As a side, if you are looking for ways to cut down movie costs, here are some tips.

What are the sign-up bonuses?
2000 Scene points worth 2 free movies.

What are the rewards?
1. 5 Scene points per $1 spent at Cineplex Entertainment theaters or
2. 1 Scene points per $1 spent everywhere else

Again, Scene points are tough to valuate, because it really depends on how you use it. 1000 Scene points can be spent on gift cards, movie rentals, magazines but the best value point for dollar are theater snacks, movie ticket, and Imax movie tickets. Anyways, I have constructed a table of the possible rewards you can get:

Reward Points Req. Value Points/$ (Lower = Better Val.)
Imax Ticket 1000 $17 58.82 pts/$
General 3D Ticket 1000 $14 71.43 pts/$
General Admission 1000 $11 90.91 pts/$
Large popcorn + drink 1000 $10 90.91 pts/$
$25 Bon Appetit Gift Card 3125 $25 125 pts/$

Notice the best value is redeeming Scene points for Imax movies. Since there are only so many theaters that have Imax, it might not be possible for some of you. Either way, Imax movies will be the standard for the ideal points/$ usage.

Best Value: 58.82 points per $ for Imax tickets worth $17.

Average Value: 100 points per $ for General Admission tickets worth $11 (rounding to even number).

Minimum Value: 125 points per $ for Bon Appetit restaurant gift cards.

Scotiabank Scene Visa Rate of Return
Ideal (59 pts/$) Avg (100 pts/$) Min (125 pts/$)
Buy at Cineplex 8.47% 5.00% 4.00%
Buy elsewhere 1.69% 1.00% 0.80%

Conclusion: From the table above, it is a great credit card to use only if you spend money at Cineplex theaters or alot. Since I watch movies 2 times a month, I would only be saving an extra $0.60 a month by utilizing this credit card. However, for those who are a family of 4 and enjoy movie concessions, it may be worth considering this credit card.

Also, I do understand that the 8% rate of return is unrealistic because most of us rarely watch movies on the Imax screen. When I did watch Imax, I never paid retail price either. Thus, I have highlighted the 5% as a more optimal and realistic return to aim for on the card.

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