Walmart’s Cheapest Protein Per Dollar Grocery Products

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If you are looking to stock up on high protein foods on a budget, you’ve entered the right place! I’ve compiled a comprehensive list which evaluates large number of high protein foods at various grocery stores.

Our first up is Walmart.

11. Great Value Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast – 18.6 grams per dollar

Chicken is obviously a great source of healthy and lean protein. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that is ranks up there in terms of cheap sources of protein either!
Walmart Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast

10. Medium Ground Beef – 19 grams per dollar

Walmart Medium Ground Beef

9. Halal Yogurt – 20.3 grams per dollar

I’ve never thought that Halal Yogurt would be better priced than generic yogurt…but alas at just $1.77 for a tub, this product is pretty healthy and cost effective.
Walmart Halal Yogurt

8. Sirloin Steak – 20.5 grams per dollar

Not surprising that lean steak is up there. However, I am surprised that it is better priced than the cheap ground beef! Walmart has been able to sell this pretty cheaply at $9 for over 1kg
Walmart Sirloin Steak

7. Canned Tuna – 21 grams per dollar

Yay for tuna sandwich! Remember, don’t have much of it because it is high in mercury!
Walmart Canned Tuna

6. Whey Protein – 24 grams per dollar

I am pretty surprised that Whey didn’t even make the top 5 list. However, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics alike shouldn’t disregard this product because it is still pretty good value at 24 grams/$.
Walmart Whey Protein

5. Great Value Large Eggs – 27 grams per dollar

If you want cheap and healthy protein, eat some scrambled eggs! They are delicious, healthy, and cheap. Did I forget to say cheap source of protein? 27 g/$ cheap!
Walmart Large Eggs

4. Canned Beans – 35.6 grams per dollar

Although canned beans by itself is stale and boring, they go absolutely great with eggs, soup, and salad. At 35.64 g/$, you definitely want to add these to your diet!
Walmart Canned Beans

3. Skim Milk – 36.3 grams per dollar

When grandma told you to drink milk to grow tall and strong, she was absolutely right. It’s very cheap and very nutritious. At 36.27 grams per dollar, 362 calories per dollar, and 10% calories, skim milk is one of the most inexpensive ways to get protein.
Walmart Skim Milk

2. Great Value Hot Dogs – 41 grams per dollar

Surprisingly, hot dogs are very cheap sources of protein. With over 40 grams per dollar, it beats out beef and chicken by a good margin.
Walmart Chicken Wiener

1. Great Value Oatmeal – 75 grams per dollar

Yep, at 75 grams per dollar, just a buck or two would give you enough protein intake for the day. It also has a high number of calories per dollar, clocking at 1750 grams per dollar as well.
That’s it boys and girls; if you want to save money on protein, buy cheap oatmeal!
Walmart Oatmeal

Below is the complete list with calories per dollar and protein percent vs calories:

Net Price
Protein / $
Weight / $
Calories / $
Protein %
Net Protein (g)
Net Weight (g&mL)
Net Cal.
Oatmeal, Great Value$2.0075.00500.001,750.004.29%15010003500
Hot Dogs, Great Value 12$1.4740.82306.12734.695.56%604501080
Milk, Neilson Skim$3.9736.271,007.56362.7210.00%14440001440
Canned Beans, Great Value Pork$0.6735.64594.03831.644.29%23.88398557
Eggs, Great Value Large$2.6427.27240.91318.188.57%72636840
Whey Protein, Muscle Tech 6 Star$25.9723.8134.92134.9117.65%618.39073504
Canned Tuna, Great Value Albacore$2.0021.2385.00113.2018.75%42.45170226
Steak, Our Finest 8 Ultimate Sirloin$8.9720.51125.98205.1310.00%18411301840
Yogurt, (Halal 0%)$1.7720.34423.73203.3910.00%36750360
Ground Beef Medium$11.9719.09113.62309.046.18%228.4813603699
Chicken Breast, Great Value Italian$23.0018.59123.9199.1318.75%427.528502280
Yogurt, Great Value$1.9716.50329.95230.967.14%32.5650455
Angus Steak, Lean, 12 Black River$25.0013.4457.6081.6016.47%33614402040
Silhouette 0% Yogurt$2.0013.00325.00130.0010.00%26650260
Angus Burgers, 12 Black River$16.0012.7590.00142.508.95%20414402280
Angus Steak,12 Black River$25.0011.0456.0062.4017.69%27614001560

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