Best Use of Marriott Points (Category 1 Hotels)

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What is the best bang for your buck of 7500 Marriott points? I have listed a few of most expensively priced hotels that your points can buy! Do note that many other hotels that I haven’t listed do rival in prices!

3. TownePlace Suites Houston Northwest ($200 USD/night)

Marriott Houston Northwest
Rate of Return on Points: 2.6%
Average High: $199/night
Average Low: $89/night
Key Complimentary Amenities: Free hot breakfast, parking, wireless, pool, and small fitness center

Third on the list is a Texan hotel in the outskirts of Houston. During spring and summer seasons, prices go as high as $200/night. They dip to as low as $100/night during November/December months. The proximity to Lone Star College might explain the price gauging from a Category 1 hotel…
Do note that it does offer complimentary breakfast, a small pool, and a small fitness facility.

2. Courtyard Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter ($200 USD/night)

Courtyard Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter
Rate of Return on Points: 2.6%
This hotel is located in Riyadh, which is the capital and largest city of 4 million in Saudi Arabia. Just by looking at it, the hotel seems too high class to be considered Category 1. Perhaps standards are just higher over there! However, as with most luxury hotels, amenities such as breakfast are not free. Though, they do offer free onsite parking, have a pool, and a small fitness facility.

1. Courtyard Kuwait City ($250 USD/night)

Courtyard Kuwait City
Rate of Return on Points: 3.3%
The main reason this one tops the list because the Kuwait Dinar is a very strong currency, about 3.5 times the value of the American dollar. According to, it costs 75 Kuwait Dinars (KWD). Again, this hotel is way too luxurious & clean to be in the No-Frills Marriott category. As well, it is also located in the prime downtown Kuwait City. Once again, no free breakfast.

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