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Next up on my list is a Protein Per Dollar for all of Colonel Sander’s menu food items. KFC is slightly more complicated simply because there are 4 types of chicken that you can get: Keel, Rib, Drumstick, Wing, or Thigh. Thus, there is an element of “randomness” because you could luck out and have alot of Keels (best protein item) or get really unlucky with a bucket of mini wings. Thus, I am going to attribute each chicken piece to the average of all the pieces:

Chicken Type
Weight (g)
Protein (g)
Protein / Cal
Total Fat
Sodium (mg)

As you can see, the chicken keel is the best source of protein. Always request to have more of that whenever possible!
KFC Chicken Pieces

Anyways, here are the top 5 protein food to eat in Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants:

5. Triple Decker Sandwich (5.01 g/$)

KFC Triple Decker Sandwich
Although the stats may not seem impressive, at barely 5 grams of protein per dollar, the picture says otherwise. It is a bit pricey at nearly $7 for a single sandwich, but it is decked out with 3 fat pieces of fried chicken stuffed between 2 buns. Everything about this just looks perfect. I really hope that the real deal looks as good as the advertisement!

4. Big Crunch Original Sandwich (5.26 g/$)

KFC Big Crunch
I’ve had one of these when they came out with a coupon and it was very crunchy and delicious. The regular price is $5.89 and it contains 31 grams of protein, 670 calories, and 4.5% protein.

3. Big Boss Chicken Sandwich (5.28 g/$)

KFC Big Boss
Barely inching out the Big Crunch, is the Big Boss at number three. This is the KFC’s response to the Big Mac. It contains 29 grams of protein, 600 calories, and weighs 256 grams.

2. Spicy Zinger Sandwich (5.65 g/$)

KFC Spicy Zinger
Taking silver is the Spicy Zinger sandwich. This sandwich contains 31 grams of protein, 530 calories, and 26 grams of fat. If you are going to order this, do add a coke to water down the spiciness!

1. 12 Piece Chicken Bucket (no fries) (16.72 g/$)

KFC Chicken Bucket
The chicken bucket is the clear number one at an impressive 16.72 grams of protein per dollar spent! This bucket is THE best priced quick protein item to get at any fast food restaurant. The main reason is that you are ordering an entire bucket of chicken, after all. I would assume KFC can afford to give you a better deal than if you order them individually. Anyhow, the entire bucket ($15) would have 251 grams of protein and a massive 2700 calories. That is definitely more than 3 days worth of protein intake requirements for the average person! Again, if you want to max out and get the most protein from a dirty bulk, get the KFC bucket!

Price ($)
Protein (g)
Protein / $
Weight (g)
Weight / $
Cal. / $
Prot. / Cal
12 Piece Chicken Bucket$15.0025116.721075.271.682784185.69.01%
Spicy Zinger Sandwich$5.49315.6520437.1653096.55.85%
Big Boss Chicken Sandwich$5.49295.2825646.63600109.34.83%
Big Crunch Original Sandwich$5.89315.2625643.46670113.84.63%
Triple Decker Sandwich$6.99355.0124735.3460085.85.83%
Twister Wrap$5.49234.1920136.6149089.34.69%
Popcorn Chicken$5.89183.0614224.1148081.53.75%

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