Burger King’s Protein Per Dollar With 2014 Coupons

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Burger King just released their online printable coupons. How do their value stack up? Let’s see!


Burger King Coupons 2014


1. Sandwich deals are great value

With coupons, the BOGO and Half Off sandwich deals obviously become very good value. Sandwiches are all above 10 grams of protein per dollar. The calories per dollar range from 268 to 350!

2. BOGO The Chicken Big King is the best coupon to use

The Chicken Big King at 13.53 g/$ rivals BK’s regularly priced top protein per dollar item, the Double Cheeseburger (13.57 g/$). Their respective calories per dollar hovers around 300!

3. Meal deals are still terrible

With coupons, the meal deals are still terrible value. Their protein per dollar is not over 4 g/$ and their calories per dollar does not go over 150.

4. The worst coupon is the Whopper Sandwich Meal Deal

This meal deal is is terrible at 131 calories per dollar and 3.26 grams of protein per dollar. You are better off buying 2 whopper sandwiches for $10 than to pay $9.50 for this meal. You get much more protein per dollar and equivalent calories per dollar. The protein percent for the entire meal is a pathetic 2.5%.

Coupon Analysis:

Reg. Price
Promo Price
Protein / $
Weight (g)
Weight / $
Calories / $
Protein / Cal
BOGO Chicken Big King Sandwich$7.98BOGO$3.995413.5300.001400350.883.86%
BOGO Big King Sandwich$7.98BOGO$3.995213.0300.001140285.714.56%
Big King Sandwich for $2$3.99Pay $2$2.002613.0000.00570285.004.56%
BOGO Whopper Sandwich$9.98BOGO$4.995611.22580116.231340268.544.18%
Pay $2.50 for Whopper Sandwich$4.99Pay $2.5$2.502811.20290116.00670268.004.18%
2 Chicken Big King Meal Deal$10.00Pay $8.50$8.50303.5300.001250147.062.40%
2 Big King Meal Deal$10.00Pay $8.50$8.50293.4100.001150135.292.52%
2 Whopper Sandwich Meal Deal$14.78Pay $9.50$9.50313.2600.001250131.582.48%

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