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What if you participated in the 1980’s stock market bull run?

S&P500 1980s Bull Market

Here is a fun financial fantasy. Picture this: Right after graduating from college at age 22, you manage to land a decent job paying $50,000 (in today’s dollars). You are a frugal person and tuck away $10,000 of that each year to invest. As well, since you were lucky to have caring parents, they support your …

Who benefits from TFSA the most?


Globe and Mail had an article awhile ago saying that the rich benefit more from TFSA than the poor. From the article, Who Really Benefits from TFSA: Let’s be clear. This measure will make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful. The rest of us will be left begging for funding for basic services. … The TFSA should …

The perfect banking solution

Perfect Banking Plan General Setup

The key to having good financial goals is to have a good plan. A good banking solution is the foundation for a good plan. If you care at all about your finances, at the very minimal, this is what you should have: A. If your monthly credit bills are $2000, then that single credit card limit should …

Brokerages in Canada for High Networth Clients


Most of the Big 5 Canadian banks offer special accounts for high networth individuals. All of the accounts have similar and really marginal benefits and is just for bragging rights really. However, I’ve taken all of their benefits and compared it side by side. *Note that not all fees are reflected in the tables below. They …

Investments and Inflation


This question seems to pop up in online forums all the time. Are equities or stocks a good hedge during high inflationary times? According to the data of S&P 500 returns and historical inflation data, I have constructed a table comparing the two side by side…

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Should your TFSA hold Savings or Investments?


Is it better to hold high interest savings or stocks and index funds in your TFSA? Let’s analyze: For simplicity, you have $5000 contribution room this year for your TFSA. Let’s say you managed to save up $10000, an impressive feat. You want a 50/50 ratio of cash savings to stocks/funds. Thus, you want $5000 in cash …