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RBC Shopper’s Optimum Mastercard Analysis

RBC Shoppers Optimum Mastercard

I've been meaning to do a RBC Shopper's Mastercard for awhile. This will help you guys figure out if it is worth getting. As a prelude, I will be using the term SDM alot. SDM is just an acronym for Shopper's Drug Mart among internet circles. What are the rewards? 1. Earn 15 SDM points for every $1 ...

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CIBC Petro Points Mastercard Analysis

CIBC Petro Mastercard

Below contains a detailed cost/benefit analysis of the CIBC Petro Points Mastercard. What are the rewards? 1. Get an initial bonus of 15,000 Petro points on your first purchase 2. Save 2 cents per litre when you fuel at Petro Canada 3. 10 Petro Points per dollar spent everywhere but Petro Canada 4. 50% more points when purchasing groceries, drug ...

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Petro Points Fuel Savings Promo

Petro Points Promo 5500

From February 2014 to May 12, 2014, Petro Canada is offering reloading cards for just 5500 points! This is an amazing deal because the regular cost is 11,000 points (12,000 to reload in store). How to get the points: 1. Go to a Petro-Canada gas bar and ask for a Fuel Savings Plus card (with words reloadable). ...

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Petro-Canada’s Petro Points Program Analysis

This is an analysis on what kind of rate of return you can get by using Petro Canada's rewards program. What are Petro Points? It is a rewards program offered by Petro-Canada Gas Station that gives you points each time you fill up gas or make purchases. To join, you can do it through a Petro-Canada Gas ...

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What if you participated in the 1980’s stock market bull run?

S&P500 1980s Bull Market

Here is a fun financial fantasy. Picture this: Right after graduating from college at age 22, you manage to land a decent job paying $50,000 (in today's dollars). You are a frugal person and tuck away $10,000 of that each year to invest. As well, since you were lucky to have caring parents, they support your ...

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Who benefits from TFSA the most?


Globe and Mail had an article awhile ago saying that the rich benefit more from TFSA than the poor. From the article, Who Really Benefits from TFSA: Let’s be clear. This measure will make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful. The rest of us will be left begging for funding for basic services. ... The TFSA should ...

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Free Movie Offers

Free Movie Offer Cereal

Winter 2014: Here are some great promotions from February to April if you want to go watch movies: Select cereals as grocery stores are offering: February BOGO General Admission (stackable) March BOGO General Admission (stackable) April Free Movie Admission May BOGO General Admission (stackable) Those cereal retail for around $4 to $5.5 so you are getting a cereal and movie at ...

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The perfect banking solution

Perfect Banking Plan General Setup

The key to having good financial goals is to have a good plan. A good banking solution is the foundation for a good plan. If you care at all about your finances, at the very minimal, this is what you should have: A. If your monthly credit bills are $2000, then that single credit card limit should ...

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Brokerages in Canada for High Networth Clients


Most of the Big 5 Canadian banks offer special accounts for high networth individuals. All of the accounts have similar and really marginal benefits and is just for bragging rights really. However, I've taken all of their benefits and compared it side by side. *Note that not all fees are reflected in the tables below. They ...

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Best Canadian Cellphone Plans for Dec 2013

Here is a list of cellphone plans and their respective costs for December 2013: BMO Talk and Earn and Sears Connect: They have a great promo going on where if you sign a 2 year contract, your first 6 months is half off and for the entire 2 years, your minutes and data are doubled. $15 x ...

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